NYX FILM is a film production company headed by Pam Theodotou. Its slate of films are primarily works where Theodotou is the writer, producer and director. The company’s current production slate covers documentaries ranging from historical topics to political issues. BYRD 1933 is its most recent project which will premiere at the Wexner Center for the Arts in October 2015. An historically important film, BYRD 1933 is a film created entirely out of previously lost footage of  BAEII (The Byrd Antarctic Expedition II-1933), out of which Admiral Byrd wrote his well known book "Alone," and came close to losing his life while spending the Antarctic Winter in a one man weather station outpost close to the South Pole.

Two other films currently in production are Warriors from the Reservation and We Bleed Too; The Story of Tony Bush, both films regarding war veterans of the Lakota Sioux, a people who serve in the armed forces more than any other ethnic group, take great pride in their traditional warrior culture and also suffer higher incidents of PTSD than any other group.

NYX FILM also has in development fiction, historical fiction, horror, gothic horror and Sci-Fi properties for film and television.

BYRD 1933

(Documentary Feature)

In 1933 Admiral Richard E Byrd embarked on his second expedition to Antarctica. He took two cinematographers from Paramount with him to capture the year long voyage on film. 28 reels of film found their way to the Byrd Archives at the Ohio State University and conservation efforts revealed only 10 of them survived deterioration. Consisting of mostly silent film and originally existing simply a clips spliced together, BYRD 1933 is a fully edited visual re-telling of one of the greatest adventures in history. BYRD 1933 is to premiere at the Wexner Center for the Arts October 20,2015 www.Wexarts.org. More information about the film can be seen on the films website at www.byrd1933.com.

Byrd 1933 is proudly a part of ArtCop21, the global collaboration of artists supporting art events that coincide with the Paris Climate talks in 2015.


(Documentary Feature)

Warriors is a documentary film in development in collaboration with Producer KJ Wetherholt and noted photojournalists Anthony Karen and Svetlana Bachevanova.


(Documentary Feature)

The Tony Bush story is one that is reflective of a whole class of veterans that have been denied proper recognition.


(Gothic Fiction) For more information please visit the website www.Marywollstonecraftshelley.com

Lord Byron said the "Truth is stranger than fiction," and the story behind the writing of Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein is its proof.  Mary is a pawn in a game of immortal figures and secret organizations and her thinly veiled story of a mad scientist and his monster hellbent on revenge are not the imaginings of a young writer, but her own autobiography.


STARK JUSTICE: Neo Noir Cinemagraphic Novel

(Science Fiction) For more information www.starkjusticeseries.com

"Stark Justice" is a film noir tale of anti hero Tom Stark,  a US navy veteran of WWII with extraordinary abilities due to his exposure to the Philadelphia Experiment. Followed secretly by government agencies and secret organizations, his unique abilities have made him both assassin and target. As a fugitive he searches for the Nazi cure developed by the Third Reich during the war.